Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips. Swaha!, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Welcome to Swaha!

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Swaha! live life through your music, learn and become the person you're meant to be, love yourself, while expressing emotions !! even inexperienced ones :) welcome to music...

How do you FEEL right NOW? When we are out of alignment with our natural flow, we feel tension in one form or another. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is grossly obvious. When we are in perfect alignment, we feel whole, expansive, at ease…we feel good. When we make choices from that place of effortless alignment, that harmony, that "perfect fit," our lives flow with peaceful grace. When we make choices from tension, or misalignment, our lives can feel stressful and painful. Swaha! shows us how to use music and sound as a way to practice feeling, at the most subtle level, the vibrations of tension and release. As we practice, we become aware of and begin to simply accept that these subtle energies are constantly shifting within us, around us, and through us. Once we are aware, Swaha! guides us toward consciously flowing with all frequencies instead of resisting them. After all, we want the tension and release in music, yet we often resist it in our lives.

As we learn to use music as a practical, universally accessible tool, we begin to live a life of profound peace and effortless mastery.


(03/20/2017) Music is different than sound, music has the purpose that it craves, it contains rhythm, melody, and an everlasting live beat, continuously changing, it expresses the feelings of any person who has ever interpreted it, who has added to the lyrics, or the vocal expression of the interpretation, why change it so many times, why make it ever changing, diversity, we can’t listen to the same pattern, we have to recognize the expression, the slight change of beat, instrument, or lyric, can, and will change every aspect of the song, every aspect of its effect on the listeners, or readers. Listen, ignore the lyrics, close your eyes, is it more beautiful? Is it worth it to have written anything? Or is the music screaming the message across louder than anything the lyrics could say? Listen, interpret. Express.


(03/20/2017) Why, why do i like the things that i do, take pictures of things that i like, why do i look the way i look, i don’t know the answers, i feel i don’t know anything, but that’s what faith is for right? God, gods, books written 3,000 years ago, those stories that we memorize, the passages we are forced to think, and the way we beg or plead for life and death, for simplicity and a better life. How does anyone get by if they don’t believe in something bigger, if they don’t believe that something out there, close or far, is bigger than them, is bigger than life, is more intelligent and wise than anyone you’ll ever be. Everyday we look at everything, we face down, and look to our sides, but do we realize what’s there?, or what is passed the sky, space calls few, but those few, they see a whole new world, something much bigger than anything, but at the same time; it’s nothing. I pity the people who call celebrities ‘stars’ because, true stars, real, true stars, they’re more beautiful than our eyes can handle, more than we can interpret. More beauty than anyone has ever seen, more beautiful than the love of your life, your family, and it’s only so, because it’s larger than life itself. Some think collateral damage is just a fact of life, and some think that saving everyone is the problem and they should all be destroyed. The others, the others are the true beauty of Earth; the others believe in life’s bigger picture, they’ve seen life, and to them it’s not beautiful. It is worthless, but that’s okay, because the damage they’ve seen, it gives them a capacity for love, for hope, for beauty, for kindness. For belief. That it’s so much larger than life, that it will never be be full.

What Does Swaha! REALLY Mean?

(03/02/2017) Most translations of "Swaha" indicate it means "So Be It." And, at its simplest, that will suffice. But there are about as many different translations of every word out there as there are people, so I have learned that I must develop my own, personal relationship to words...especially the ones that I hold closest to my heart. And the word "Swaha!" lives just as close to my heart as Love, Gratitude, and Acceptance. And yes, it resides there permanently with its very own exclamation point. :)So to me, "Swaha!" stands for a vibration, a way of being, a FEELING. No, not a feeling, THE feeling we get when we have truly given our all to something, our love, our mind, our sweat, our tears, our sleepless nights and our deepest longing, and are ready to let it go so that it may become what it is to become with the help of something greater than us alone. It is a simultaneous release, surrender, and acknowledgement that there is more than meets the eye and that the very Creative Consciousness that created us is always helping us create It. Swaha! is a reverent surrender to all that is, was and will be. Swaha! is the ever-present moment that Love trumps Fear. Swaha! is where terror and excitement and peace unite, and we can FEEL their union in every cell of our being. Swaha! is Love embodied, in its infinite wholeness and wisdom. Swaha! is available to us in any moment. Swaha! is Swaha! Swaha! Is.And the coolest part? As if that wasn't cool enough on its own? We can practice gettin' our Swaha! on with ANYTHING. Music is my Swaha! of choice, but yoga, parenting, baking, traveling, skydiving, philosophizing, quilting, unloading the dishwasher and any of the limitless other passions we can imagine can be embraced with the vibration of Swaha! 

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