Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips. Swaha!, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Welcome to Swaha!

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Swaha! live life through your music, learn and become the person you're meant to be, love yourself, while expressing emotions !! even inexperienced ones :) welcome to music...

How do you FEEL right NOW? When we are out of alignment with our natural flow, we feel tension in one form or another. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is grossly obvious. When we are in perfect alignment, we feel whole, expansive, at ease…we feel good. When we make choices from that place of effortless alignment, that harmony, that "perfect fit," our lives flow with peaceful grace. When we make choices from tension, or misalignment, our lives can feel stressful and painful. Swaha! shows us how to use music and sound as a way to practice feeling, at the most subtle level, the vibrations of tension and release. As we practice, we become aware of and begin to simply accept that these subtle energies are constantly shifting within us, around us, and through us. Once we are aware, Swaha! guides us toward consciously flowing with all frequencies instead of resisting them. After all, we want the tension and release in music, yet we often resist it in our lives.

As we learn to use music as a practical, universally accessible tool, we begin to live a life of profound peace and effortless mastery.


(04/11/2017) Staring, i wonder what people think, why, why do i care, why can’t i just ignore them all, i find myself assessing why they do what they do, why they say the things they say, why they’re friends with their friends. I assess their emotional stability, why they have to dress like be like, hate like, say like, everyone else, what is this need to band wagon everything, why can’t we all be completely crazy, wear exactly what we think, say what we want, talk like we want. Instead you like a shirt because everyone posts about it, you need these shoes because everyone has them. I want to be different, but im not, i want to be special, i want to be unique, but one in 7 billion, one in the US, one in Oregon, do you think i’ll get anywhere, cause to me it isn’t clear if i ever want to leave, or is the thought of escaping my own self the only reason i want to leave, i want to grow, and come back stronger than ever, i want to be greater, great, better. But every second i lose hope, every second i get so mad, so angry, so much deeper into the hole i have created, to put all my pieces in.


(03/25/2017) I sat, on the edge of the railing, the cars passing by, i contemplated running to the middle of the way when no cars were passing, i contemplated having an emotional breakthrough, i contemplated having a melt down, a realization, a single tear, any emotion at all. Nothing. Every emotion was put on hold, all i felt was the song, the melody flying over and through me, i asked myself if i needed help. Yes. i do, more than anything, but when i open my mouth to ask, i feel throat get heavier, my eyes blur, i heat up and sink down to my core, when no words come out. No matter how many times i opened my mouth to speak, my heart caught on fire, the reactions and questions ran through my brain, my logical explanations suddenly left me all alone, wondering why i need to ask, why i need to say a word, asking why i need help, asking why i am the way i am, asking why i just cannot speak. I do not feel safe. I do not feel trusted or trustworthy. I do not feel i need to ask, because the second i do, the reality sinks in, the little sprinkles of happiness leave, and the sadness, the darkness i have somehow beyond all doubt kept away, will find it’s way to me, the me i don’t let anyone see, the me i put in a jar in the core of my mind, where my blind spot hits, where i don not recognize who i am. The darkness comes, and ruins the me who has potential for happiness. Logic overcomes me, and i mouth mom 3 times, 4, 7. Up she goes, out she goes, and my chance is gone yet again.


(03/20/2017) Music is different than sound, music has the purpose that it craves, it contains rhythm, melody, and an everlasting live beat, continuously changing, it expresses the feelings of any person who has ever interpreted it, who has added to the lyrics, or the vocal expression of the interpretation, why change it so many times, why make it ever changing, diversity, we can’t listen to the same pattern, we have to recognize the expression, the slight change of beat, instrument, or lyric, can, and will change every aspect of the song, every aspect of its effect on the listeners, or readers. Listen, ignore the lyrics, close your eyes, is it more beautiful? Is it worth it to have written anything? Or is the music screaming the message across louder than anything the lyrics could say? Listen, interpret. Express.

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