Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips. Swaha!, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Portland, Oregon Swaha! Living through music provides peace of mind at your fingertips.

Welcome to Swaha!

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Swaha! is a way of living through music that allows us to feel our way into becoming the person we are meant to become.

How do you FEEL right NOW? When we are out of alignment with our natural flow, we feel tension in one form or another. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is grossly obvious. When we are in perfect alignment, we feel whole, expansive, at ease…we feel good. When we make choices from that place of effortless alignment, that harmony, that "perfect fit," our lives flow with peaceful grace. When we make choices from tension, or misalignment, our lives can feel stressful and painful. Swaha! shows us how to use music and sound as a way to practice feeling, at the most subtle level, the vibrations of tension and release. As we practice, we become aware of and begin to simply accept that these subtle energies are constantly shifting within us, around us, and through us. Once we are aware, Swaha! guides us toward consciously flowing with all frequencies instead of resisting them. After all, we want the tension and release in music, yet we often resist it in our lives.

As we learn to use music as a practical, universally accessible tool, we begin to live a life of profound peace and effortless mastery.

What does "Swaha!" REALLY mean?

(08/15/2016) Most translations of "Swaha" indicate it means "So Be It." And, at its simplest, that will suffice. But there are about as many different translations of every word out there as there are people, so I have learned that I must develop my own, personal relationship to words...especially the ones that I hold closest to my heart. And the word "Swaha!" lives just as close to my heart as Love, Gratitude, and Acceptance. And yes, it resides there permanently with its very own exclamation point. :)So to me, "Swaha!" stands for a vibration, a way of being, a FEELING. No, not a feeling, THE feeling we get when we have truly given our all to something, our love, our mind, our sweat, our tears, our sleepless nights and our deepest longing, and are ready to let it go so that it may become what it is to become with the help of something greater than us alone. It is a simultaneous release, surrender, and acknowledgement that there is more than meets the eye and that the very Creative Consciousness that created us is always helping us create It. Swaha! is a reverent surrender to all that is, was and will be. Swaha! is the ever-present moment that Love trumps Fear. Swaha! is where terror and excitement and peace unite, and we can FEEL their union in every cell of our being. Swaha! is Love embodied, in its infinite wholeness and wisdom. Swaha! is available to us in any moment. Swaha! is Swaha! Swaha! Is.And the coolest part? As if that wasn't cool enough on its own? We can practice gettin' our Swaha! on with ANYTHING. Music is my Swaha! of choice, but yoga, parenting, baking, traveling, skydiving, philosophizing, quilting, unloading the dishwasher and any of the limitless other passions we can imagine can be embraced with the vibration of Swaha! 

Swaha! Summer 2016 Offerings.

(06/11/2016) HAPPY SUMMER TO YOU ALL!!!I love love LOVE this warm, bright, beautiful, flip-flop-filled time of the year. I love hearing about all your upcoming vacations and planning my own. And before summer gets in full swing, I want to make sure you get some fun Musical offerings so you can keep Music alive all summer long.  My main goal in these summer sessions is that they are as convenient and fun as going to the pool, and that you leave wondering how you could ever live without Music in your daily life. :)So here you are...pick and choose the offerings that light you up, get you curious, and maybe even stretch you a bit...and email me your choices, and best days and times so we can get you on the calendar. I will be in Alaska July 18-31st, so other than that, I'm here and ready to play play play!Private Sessions (weekly)Choose 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes for your usual, personal, one-on-one music instruction, including technique, theory, improvisation, and songwriting on cello, piano, guitar, or voice.Family Jams (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)This one is quickly becoming my personal fave...Choose 2-4 hours on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and come on down to Swaha! Studios or I'll come to your house! Invite moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and pets. Sessions typically include rhythm jams, blues-style jams, pop, country and classic rock covers, and can certainly be specialized to your Musical desires. Total beginners, intermediate and advanced players welcomed.Park Play (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)Think private music session meets summer camp. Come solo or bring up to 4 friends and we'll head to a shady spot in a park and dip our toes in the art of nonchalant performance art. Choose 2-4 hours on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And yes, a potluck picnic can be arranged!Jam Class (weekly) (21+)Join us Thursday nights at 7pm for some serious silliness. We are rockin' out to all kinds of jams and covers and just about to start a new endeavor of songs from every decade from the 20's through the 2000's...like, 100 years of music!You can sign up in-person with me, email me your requests, and as of next Monday, you can sign up at www.swahastudios.com! (In fact, please go check out the new website and tell me what ya think!)Did I mention, HAPPY SUMMER?!?!~kendra

Swaha! Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

(12/07/2015) The mission of Swaha! is to offer the possibility of bringing peace of mind to the world through music. The vision of Swaha! is that humans experience the power of Oneness. The guiding values of Swaha! are: - Oneness - Love - Possibility - Clarity - Acceptance - Gratitude. The culture of Swaha! has these attributes: - Heart guided - Empowered - Playful - Creative - Free Within Frameworks - Students of Music and Life - Everything is "figureoutable."

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