Everything Is Everything

Posted at 8:19 pm on 05/20/2017 by Kendra Carpenter

"If Everything is Energy...And all Energy Vibrates...Then, Everything is God...God is Everything...Everything is Everything."

When I first said this to my dear friend and business manager, his eyes did that glaze-over thing they do when I say something that makes his brain frantically search for a connection to anything it could possibly be related to in order to help him make some sort of sense of it. 

And to be honest, sometimes my brain does the same thing when it comes to this topic. But let me give it my best shot...stay with me...this could be a long one till I learn how to boil it down to it's most precious simplicity:

Ok. Good ol' science has helped us see that what we once thought of as the smallest thing in the world, the atom, is nowhere near the smallest thing in the world. In fact, they've found cool things like subatomic particles and quarks and strings and tiny little electrons zipping around and all sorts of things that are way, way smaller than an atom. 

Then, once we started hangin' out and playin' with these teeny things, we started to see that they're not even solid matter as we once thought everything was. In fact, they are more like holographic energies that blink in and out of existence and are both unpredictable AND influenced by the very act of US observing them! Sometimes they behave like individual drops in the ocean, other times they are the ocean, and even other times they are the invisible force that creates the waves in the ocean. Sometimes they're tangible, other times they're conceptual. Sometimes they're "real," other times they're pure potential. 


Once we settled down from this mind-blowing discovery, we had to admit that life, as we knew it, wasn't anything we "knew" at all. We especially had to open our eyes to the incredible implications of us all being made up of these little, tiny, vibrating-in-and-out-of-existence waves of energy. We had to try to understand what it meant to be pure, vast, limitless potential. And if we are all infinite energy, are we even REAL? Which then leads to the question:

What the heck is "REAL" anyway?

But I digress. The subject of what's real and this whole thing we call "reality" will be saved for another day.

Back to Everything Being Everything:

If everything, including us and rocks and trees and chocolate and thoughts and dental floss and everything, is made up of energy, and that energy is sometimes appearing as solid and sometimes pure potential, then we must be BOTH "solid" particles AND pure potential. We must be vibrating in and out of existence, capable of experiencing "solidity," AND existing as vast, limitless, pure potential. We might say that we are both the experience of being solid (getting to feel, touch, see, smell, etc) and the awareness of being way more than just solid. 

Here's the kicker. It's not that everything is made up of different energies or even different kinds of energies.

It's that everything is made up of the same energy because IT'S ALL ONE ENERGY. 

If that's the first time you've heard this, it may be a tough pill to swallow. 

One question that may arise is, " If everything is just vibrating energy, then why do things look different? Why does a tree look and feel and smell one way and a candy cane looks and feels and smells another?"

Because this ONE energy can vibrate at infinite frequencies (rates of vibration). Energy, and packets of energy, have a limitless range of rates that they can vibrate...and they can essentially combine with each other, just like two notes on a piano, to create a synergistic energy. Think about the implications of this! The food we eat is vibrating energies. The people we surround ourselves with are vibrating energies. The thoughts we think, the beliefs we believe, and the emotions we feel are all energies vibrating at their particular frequencies. What happens when we start to combine all of these??!!

For those of you who this is old news for, help yourself to a cup of tea or a restroom break. For those of you who have never heard these sorts of thoughts, take some deep breaths, notice where you feel confusion, resistance, or even anger...then help yourself to a cup of tea and a potty break.  

Then switch gears for a moment.

Many religious and spiritual traditions invite us to consider that God is pervasive, all-knowing, all-inclusive, infinite. God is often personified into a "He" simply because our current way of relating to each other, our world, and this powerful, all-knowing, being is through our own lenses of having bodies and genders. But if we combine this idea (that God is pervasive, all-encompassing, etc) with the idea that everything is energy vibrating at infinite variations of frequencies, then it's not really a stretch anymore for our left, linear, logical sides of our brain to join the right, artistic, woo-woo sides and say that "God" is the word we use to represent something/or some being that unconditionally includes Everything. Thus, God is Everything. Every rock, tree, baby, sneeze, particle, wave packet, atom, subatomic particle, sound, emotion, taste, fruit, vegetable...you name it or not...this word "God" includes it. And if God is Everything, and Everything is Energy...then Everything is Everything.

So now what?!

Well, for starters, we may as well be a lot nicer to ourselves. We're God. And to those around us. They're God too. And to everything we see, touch, smell, hear, taste, and intuit. For it's all God. And it's all infinitely connected...just as parts make up a whole and without the parts there would be no whole.

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