Meet The Musicians - Portland Oregon

Kendra Carpenter founded Swaha! Studios in 2009 after living a music-filled life since childhood. After graduating from the University of Colorado - Boulder with degrees in both Music (Cello) and Urban Planning, Kendra gave the latter a five year try. But her heart was always drawn to music and chance brought her to Portland. In the near ten years since she has built up an outstanding teaching practice through her Swaha! Studios! During that time she experimented with different forms of group instruction only to find that music immersion was commonly as or more powerful than private lessons. That realization has caused her to restructure her practice to provide nightly Music Experiences to a much wider audience. Students at any level of expertise get the opportunity to play shoulder-to-shoulder with veteran musicians, but in a safe and incredibly helpful music environment. The result has been remarkable progress for many students from beginner musician, or beginner on a new instrument. Swaha! Studios new offering begins December 4, 2017.

Tracy Kim is one of the most in-demand guitarists and teachers in the Pacific Northwest. He studied music composition and jazz guitar at the University of Oregon where he received his degree in music. Since then he has put his guitar virtuosity to work on a wide range of projects. Locally, he can be seen shredding with Portland’s favorite Gypsy Jazz ensembles, The Kung Pao Chickens. Tracy also can be caught backing up many of NW’s popular singer songwriters, such as McKinley, Pete Krebs, etc. He also performs and co-leads dark folk music with his band Common Starling. He co-wrote MTV’s Teen Mom “Get Away” with McKinley, and the song “Deep,” which was featured in NBC’s “Life” episode #109. He also co-wrote all songs and produced Muriel Stanton’s cd, “The Way You Love Me.” He composed and produced the score for the films, “Devil’s in My Coffee” and “The Good Lot.” He wrote the music for the TV commercials, “Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop” and “GC” and he wrote the music for the multi-media/modern dance performance, “Edgar Stories,” a modern ballet commissioned by Dance Theater of Oregon. Tracy’s passion for the guitar comes through when he says, “I grew up in a house filled with music. From a young age, I would be either listening to my mom play the piano or I would be blasting records. I couldn’t get music out of my head. I got my first guitar when I was eight years old and have had a love affair with it ever since. I can’t imagine living without it.”

Josh Cole has been in and around music his whole life. Starting with music lessons at a young age, and now having been in the local music scene professionally for over 20 years, Joshs’ understanding and love of music is plain to see and he shares that both on the stage and in music instruction. Through the years Josh has played with countless bands on a multitude of instruments, and this combined with his knowledge and strong communication has made him a successful music teacher in the local area.When not doing music, Josh can be found running sound for local theatre, producing podcasts or consulting on various creative projects through his company Ol’ Woofie Productions. For more information you can find him on the web at