Having this in your life is not just about learning an instrument, it's a whole approach to life!— Jak BI have never received such a generous sharing of life force, encouragement and joy of learning from one person. The focus, the fun and the camaraderie of it all is very contagious to be around. It's like a playground for grownups.— Carolyn HI really loved was how safe I felt in her class busting out and trying new stuff--getting big! The atmosphere was truly magical.— Greg T.Swaha! Studios is space that allows you to be vulnerable to the degree you are comfortable with, in order to expand your music, your ability to communicate, your capacity to listen, and your humanness. It is a zone really - a magic zone where you allow yourself to be transported into a permanently altered perception of yourself that translates into calling yourself a musician, an artist.— Jane A.The experience embraces dimensions of music, love, connection, vibration, fear, triumph, bliss, creativity, imagination, support, empathy...the list of FEELINGS is endless. — Michael B.